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Hi! I'm Cherlynn (say "sher-leen"). 

The first page of this web site is a sample of countless emails I have sent out as a reporter. I'm almost always asking people to share with me their stories so I may share it with the world.

That's rather ambitious. I'm probably sharing it with about 50 people in the world - 10 of whom are most likely my immediate family members.

But sharing people's stories is what got me to journalism. I want to tell people about the plight of repressed gay people in South East Asia, so that things may change for the better for them. I want to write about the many pitfalls of cultural friction - a concept I discovered when I came to New York.

So I applied, and very fortunately was accepted, to Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism as a Broadcast concentrator in the Centennial class. I hopped on a plane and flew 22 hours from Singapore, where I was born and bred, to New York City.

And in my time here, I've learned to write, report, record, shoot, code, transcribe, share and tell stories in a variety of ways.

Here's what I've learned about New Yorkers:

- Almost everyone is a dog or cat person. I've met the occasional parrot person
- Everyone knows somebody who knows someone who knows a Somebody

- No matter what the weather is like, you'll be able to find someone who hates it

- New Yorkers are among the most resilient people I know. Case in point: Sandy recovery

- Every single New Yorker is different and has a story to share

My hope is to share the most compelling and informative stories in an engaging and entertaining manner. 




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